Who To Sue After An Auto Wreck Occurs

There are many possible causes of auto crashes. Fatigue,distracted driving,drunk driving,operating a poorly maintained vehicle,poor road marking and signage,speeding,poor weather and reckless driving are just some of them. When you are involved in an auto wreck,therefore,an investigation will be commissioned to establish the main cause of the crash. Once the investigators are through,the contributing factors to the auto wreck will be clear. You should also contact a South Carolina car crash lawyer at this point.

Investigating an Auto Wreck

It is important to note that the preliminary investigation may only lay blame on one or more of the drivers involved in the crash. The investigation may also be inconclusive. If you have been injured and lost a lot of valuable property as a result of the auto wreck,you may need to sue the at-fault party to get compensation for the property you have lost,missed wages due to weeks of hospitalization,and compensation for pain and suffering. Obviously,you will want the at fault party to pay your medical bills.

If you are wondering who to sue after an auto wreck,it is crucial you hire a competent car accident legal help to help you out. The lawyer will commission an independent investigation and gather additional evidence to show who was at fault. If lack of a stop sign at an intersection is to blame for the crash,you can blame the city for the auto wreck. If speeding,drunk driving or distracted driving by the other driver is to blame,you can sue them for the auto wreck.

Your accident attorney will look at the cost of injuries attributed to the crash and the available evidence before advising you to move forward with the case. The lawyer will also draw up all the necessary paperwork,file them in court and serve the defendant. From there,the case can commence.

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